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Chicken and Rice


The following menu options are designed for inspiration and our just a starting point. They may be customized to suit your tastes, style dietary specifications and budget. Contact us by email at minda@loveanddishescatering.com,  or call us at 240-372-7400 for a description of our services and to discuss custom menus.

The Dinner options are available for either buffet or a seated meal.

We truly look forward to working with you!



Chicken and Rice

Prime boneless grilled Chicken breast, lime juice, pink sea salt, cracked white pepper, fresh mango vinaigrette, micro basil

Prime boneless grilled Chicken breast, chimichurri pesto, heirloom rainbow tomato vinaigrette

Prime boneless lemon thyme marinated grilled Chicken breast, chopped Israeli salad, kal

amata olive, fresh dill

Prime boneless herb rubbed and grilled Chicken breast, green goddess aioli, roasted sweet corn, heirloom rainbow tomato

Prime boneless pan seared Chicken breast, pink sea salt, cracked white peppercorn, raspberry puree shimmer glaze, fresh raspberries

Prime boneless maple planked grilled Chicken breast, peach shimmer glaze, fresh stone fruit vinaigrette

Grilled quarter Chicken, herbed coffee rub, chopped farm tomato, sweet corn, green bean succotash salad

Peruvian lime marinated quarter chicken, chimichurri aioli, roasted sweet corn, sweet red pepper, jalapeno, scallion, cilantro salsa


Cedar planked wild caught salmon, brine, potlatch seasoning, roasted sweet corn, heirloom rainbow tomato vinaigrette, micro basil

Cedar planked wild caught salmon, brine, potlatch seasoning, cantalope, honeydew, english cucumber, basil vinaigrette

Pan seared wild caught salmon or halibut, Asian miso honey glaze, shitake, enoki, scallion, pea shoot

Thai sea bass, ginger soy broth, basil, mint

Roasted wild caught Alaskan halibut, pink sea salt, cracked white peppercorn, blackberry red apple balsamic glaze, blackberries

Roasted wild caught salmon, arctic char or halibut, pink sea salt, cracked white peppercorn, raspberry lime elderflower white balsamic glaze, raspberries

Roasted rockfish, lump crab imperial, chervil, old bay aioli

Spanish halibut, smoked paprika oil, roasted red pepper, shrimp, saffron

Classic lump crab cake, pan seared, caper dill pickle aioli, chopped farm tomato salad

Moroccan rubbed pan seared arctic char, lemon, rainbow heirloom cherry tomato, English cucumber, kalamata olive, italian parsley, dill, olive oil

Oven roasted bronzino, sea trout or dourade, gremolata, heirloom tomato vinaigrette

Lump crab, tasso stuffed pan seared sea trout, cajun brown butter

Classic lump crab imperial stuffed gulf shrimp, lemon chervil butter

Proscuitto, lemon oil, basil wrapped, roasted skewered gulf shrimp, meyer lemon caper aioli


Grilled Flank Steak marinated in olive oil, lime slices, brandy, Irish whiskey or bourbon, garlic and our spice blend with a sauce option:

  • Cream, cognac, grey poupon country mustard, gray sea salt, cracked black pepper
  • Wild mushroom sauce, brandy, cream, herb de province
  • Roasted red pepper aioli, chimichurri aioli, basil pesto aioli
  • Whipped horseradish crème

Grilled Flank Steak marinated in soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar or honey, garlic, sherry or sake,  citrus or red chili garlic paste

  • Shitake mushroom glaze
  • Wasabi aioli
  • Pineapple, mango, red chili, scallion, cilantro, lime, honey salsa

Whole Roast Beef Tenderloin, Crushed Peppercorn, Sea Salt, Thyme, Rosemary – Served with any of the above listed sauces – market pricing


Oven roasted fingerling potatoes, rosemary infused olive oil, herb d’ provence, lavender, sea salt, black pepper

Oven roasted new potato, caramelized shallot, rosemary, pink sea salt, cracked white pepper

Toasted Israeli couscous, Lebherz lemon gremolata oil, thyme, turmeric, mirapoix

Whipped Yukon Gold potatoes, cream, butter, kosher salt, cracked white pepper

     * horseradish, crème fraiche , lemon rosemary, asiago roasted garlic options

Saffron short grain rice pilaf timbales

Jasmine coconut rice timbale, cilantro, black sesame seed

Barley, wild rice, brown rice risotto cake, Vidalia onion, rich stock, herbs

Tuscan risotto cake, butter, white wine, rich stock, parmagianno reggiano

Toasted steamed quinoa, wheat berry, red onion, arugula pesto, toasted walnut

White cheddar anson mill grit cake, chive, garlic confit, butter

Polenta cake with parmagianno, toasted garlic and fresh thyme


Lasagne bolognese, crumbled italian sausage, bechamel sauce, roasted tomato marinara, mozzarella, parmagianno, ricotta

Butternut squash lasagne, cream bechamel sauce, mozzarella, provolone, asiago, sage, rosemary, brown butter breadcrumb

Linguini in pesto, fresh basil, toasted walnut

Orchietta in cauliflower walnut rosemary pesto with romano

Yakisoba noodle, Napa cabbage, rainbow carrot, sweet pepper, scallion, soy oyster ginger, black sesame seed

Lobster, cream bechamel, triple cream brie, parmesan, cavatappi, brioche bread crumb

Mini penne, Irish cheddar cheese, Mornay sauce, nutmeg, cracked white pepper



Oven roasted spring farm market vegetables, oil & vinegar’s lemon white balsamic honey glaze, micro herbs

Grilled tuscan farm market vegetables, lebherz lavender balsamic glaze, micro herbs

Roasted spring asparagus, cardamon butter, pink sea salt, cracked white pepper

Poached spring asparagus, blackberry balsamic vinaigrette, crushed hazelnut, pink sea salt, cracked white peppercorn

Grilled asparagus, meyer lemon toasted bread crumb

Poached haricot vert, lemon shallot mustard vinaigrette, toasted marcona almond

Grilled pappardelle zucchini, summer squash, nutmeg, garlic confit, sea salt, black pepper, dill frond, toasted pine nut

Sauteed spaghetti style zucchini, summer squash, nutmeg, garlic confit, Tuscan olive oil

Roasted heirloom rainbow carrot, honey, oil & vinegar’s blood orange olive oil, mint

Blanched sugar snap pea, sweet English pea, snow pea, mango ginger oil, red chili, pink sea salt

Roasted brussel sprouts, pancetta, caramelized shallot, Lebherz balsamic, olive oil, caper, marcona almond, Spanish sherry

Butternut squash puree, brown sugar shallot, rosemary, pink sea salt, cracked white peppercorn



The wedge – crisp romaine, apple smoked bacon, teardrop tomato, chive, bleu cheese black pepper dressing or balsamic dressing with gorgonzola crumble

Caesar – lightly grilled romaine, Lebherz aged balsamic vinaigrette, shaved romano, ciabatta crisps

Crisp romaine, poached white sweet corn, teardrop heirloom rainbow tomato, dill frond, buttermilk green goddess, hickory bacon

Butter lettuce, baby gem, arugula, shaved heirloom carrot, radish, crumbled goat cheese, crushed pistachio, lemon vinaigrette

Baby mesclun, peach, blackberry, almond crunch, peach vinaigrette

Caprese heirloom tomato, buratta or buffalo milk mozzarella cheese, green globe basil, toasted walnut, balsamic drizzle

Baby greens, arugula, thinly sliced pear, crushed marcona almond, sun dried cranberry, pear cranberry vinaigrette

Roasted winter beet, arugula, mesclun, crumbled feta cheese, crushed walnut, citrus and blush orange vinaigrette

Vietnamese salad of baby spinach, julienne cucumber, sweet red pepper carrot, spring onion, bok choy, basil, mint, toasted chopped peanut with basil lime chile vinaigrette

Baby meslun, thinly sliced Honeycrisp apple, crumbled Amish blue cheese, sun dried cherry, caramelized pecan and red apple vinaigrette

Butter lettuce, mesclun, pomegranate seed, roasted butternut squash, crumbled goat cheese, brown sugar walnut, pomegranate molasses vinaigrette

Health nut, mixed ancient grain salad, arugula, baby kale, spring onion, shredded carrot, pea shoot, avocado, toasted sunflower seed and sunflower sprout with white balsamic honey vinaigrette

Mediterranean sunshine, crisp heart of romaine, baby gem, arugula, dill, rainbow cherry tomato, toasted chick peas, cucumber, turmeric lemon tahini vinaigrette

Shaved brussel sprouts, baby kale, thinly sliced red apple, toasted hazelnuts, sun dried cranberry, hazelnut honey vinaigrette



Maryland crab bisque laced with Pedro Ximinex sherry, chives

Lobster sweet corn chowder with pancetta

Roasted fennel with fennel frond and toasted crouton

Mr. Gray’s tomato bisque with basil

Red curry carrot with gingered honey crème fraiche

Gingered butternut squash with rosemary brittle

Heirloom tomato gazpacho laced with lavender balsamic

Creamy avocado cucumber dill

Zuppa de zucca – a puree of summer squash with fennel

Italian wedding soup with basil, arugula and shaved parmigianno

Spring vegetable pistou with pesto crouton

Stout laced Midwestern beer cheese soup with white cheddar popcorn

Roasted sweet red pepper, sweet corn vinaigrette


Bread Board

Many options available and may be customized from crusty artisan sliced breads and rolls, hand-made flavored biscuits, quick breads, beer bread, soft yeasty rolls

  • Bread service options may include: whipped Irish butter served in crocks, sweet hot pepper jam, pimiento cheese, whipped honey chevre, local honey, herbed olive oil

Desserts Options Available Upon Request